Facility management
Technical condition of the structures, degree of wear-and-tear and depreciation, functionality of use
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Maintenance of building systems
It must be borne in mind that a continuous maintenance is prerequisite in order to ensure a maximum service life of engineering networks and systems
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Security Services
The company operates management and risk containment systems that allow us to raise the bar of our quality to the top, and continuously invests into innovative e-security products
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Cleaning Services
Professional equipment, hardware, and detergents to clean premises and manage territories
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          Entrust us with your concerns and you will undoubtedly feel that your real estate is in safe hands. Firstly, you will save time, you will not need many different service providers any more as a wide range of services will satisfy you essential and specific needs. Secondly, you will feel relaxed as our goal is to avert you from unexpected disturbances and to make you feel confident that you will be provided with all the necessary information and qualified service in time. Thirdly, you will enjoy a financial benefit because lower costs vs elimination of an old problem constitute the core of such a preventive work.