Cleaning services

UAB Gelsauga uses professional equipment, machinery, and cleaning tools for cleaning and maintenance of areas.

The basic company's cleaning services package includes:

  • general cleaning of premises;
  • continuous protection of facilities;
  • territory landscaping and maintenance;
  • areas, street cleaning;
  • general cleaning;
  • one-time cleaning;
  • comprehensive cleaning services;
  • other cleaning services upon agreement.

Outdoor territory maintenance

In summer:

  • Manual or mechanical sweeping of paths, sidewalks, asphalt covers and other pavement;
  • Lawn mowing;
  • Grass and leaf removal, landscaping, maintenance of plantations and hedges, flower planting.

In winter:

  • Manual and mechanized snow plowing and removal;
  • De-icing of territories using snow and ice dissolver mixtures. 

Our strengths in the field of cleaning services:

  • We clean quickly and with good quality, at an attractive price.
  • Cleaning and territory maintenance services are performed using only professional equipment, machinery, and cleaning tools.
  • We guarantee skilled, high-quality, reliable and honest cleaning of your home or business premises.

We are the ones whom you can trust. Let us take care of your clean home or business premises!

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