Maintenance of building systems

Maintenance of engineering systems refers to the portfolio of multiple and specific services, which encompasses servicing of all the systems that ensure the functionality of the building. It must be borne in mind that a continuous maintenance is prerequisite in order to ensure a maximum service life of engineering networks and systems. From our point of view, a building is like a living organism which keeps changing, becomes stronger or weaker, is sick or full of fitness, which depends on the degree of care, on materials used for the maintenance of its engineering “health”, on specialists performing major procedures as well as on seriousness of dealing with even minor disturbances and preventive work.

Why is a single company needed for the maintenance of all the engineering systems within a building? Because you will not need to worry about operation of engineering systems of your real estate throughout their service life. Moreover, all the best specialists you need are in a single place, their competencies and qualifications allow to assure a durable and uninterrupted life cycle of facilities.

Our range of services:

Energy efficiency certification and certificate monitoring

Technical, project management services in construction of special buildings

Maintenance and repair of internal engineering systems and networks:

  • engineering facilities within a building
  • air conditioners, air ventilation and recuperation systems
  • electric installations
  • internal water and heat supply systems
  • fire extinguishing systems
  • heat points, gas-fuelled, electric boilers, water heaters, activation for the heating season
  • boiler houses fuelled with biofuel, gas, liquid fuel
  • geothermal heating systems
  • elevators, escalators
  • other engineering systems within buildings

Maintenance and repair of external engineering networks:

  • external water and waste-water elimination systems
  • cleaning of water supply wells
  • liquidation of water supply accidents
  • washing and disinfection of water supply networks
  • fire extinguishing equipment and closable fittings
  • watering places with bores
  • water supply towers
  • external wastewater systems
  • regular maintenance, adjustment, parameter setting, cleaning of wastewater pump rooms
  • rainwater systems
  • cleaning facilities, oil catchers
  • ground-water, shaft wells

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