In its activities, UAB Gelsauga uses modern technologies complying with international standards. Protected facilities are equipped with video surveillance systems that are controlled from remote workstations. The company has a single surveillance centre of all protected facilities. It also has centralised security panels of protected facilities.

Our mission is to ensure the safety of facilities, public order and prevention property thefts, along with the delivery of services.

Main package of our services:

  • physical security of facilities, goods and assets;
  • protection and patrolling of non-residential premises and land;
  • protection of car parks;
  • physical security of facilities using electronic and technical means;
  • housing (apartment, house, cottage) protection using electronic and technical means;
  • services of the special task squad and intellectual property protection, and preventive work;
  • physical protection escort and services for transportation of dangerous and other goods by rail and road;
  • design, installation and maintenance of security and fire alarms, video surveillance systems;
  • protection using the central monitoring station;
  • public order during events;
  • quick response of operational mobile crews to danger alarms;
  • advise on security and legal issues;
  • cash collection (in checkouts of shops and ticket offices);
  • protection of physical persons and property;
  • cynology centre services;
  • shooting range services.

UAB Gelsauga protected facilities are connected to the central monitoring station operating 24/7 and using computerized security penalties. The company protects material assets in facilities, ensures the security of property, maintains public order, detects intrusions and fires. Security is ensured using GPRS modules LX 20 with telemetric service or landline telephone lines. Alarm systems in the facilities are connected to the central monitoring station.

When the central monitoring station receives a triggering signal from the facility, it sends a crew of the security company to the facility. Upon arrival, security personnel inspect the perimeter of the property and potential intrusion areas. If breaches or bystanders are found in the protected facility, illegal actions are immediately prevented, intruders are detained, owners or persons responsible are informed; the situation is reported to police, fire service, and the facility is protected until the owner’s arrival.

Service and maintenance of video surveillance systems, design and installation of security systems:

  • Design, installation, and maintenance of video surveillance systems,
  • Design and installation of security and fire alarm systems;
  • Design and installation of other electronic means of security;
  • External lightning protection installation of railway stations;
  • Fire detection and alarm system installation;
  • Installation of air conditioning systems;
  • Installation of access control equipment;
  • Installation, maintenance and service of fuel control systems.

Our advantages:

  • Protected sites are located throughout the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, therefore UAB Gelsauga has established branches in various parts of the Republic of Lithuania, and can respond quickly to alarms of intrusion.
  • The company continuously improves the quality of its services.
  • The company applies and uses latest security technologies.
  • We have experience in handling critical and dangerous facilities.
  • We carry out preventive work in protected sites and provide suggestions to improve the security.

Our business is covered by third-party liability insurance, therefore in providing the services we assume financial liability – customers are compensated for losses in case of property theft, damage or other events.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact the commercial department of the company, tel.: 8 (5) 269 2448, mob. tel. 8 687 85 924 or e-mail us at


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