About Us


Our company was started on 28 June 1944 as a security structural unit of the Pan-Baltic Railway County Vilnius Railway Department.

After Lithuania restored its independence, on 10 January 1992 the security structural unit was reorganised to become the Paramilitary Security Service. The names, staff, and management of the Service have changed with the passage of years, but our key quality – diligent work for the good of our client and responsibility in offering premium services – that had been tempered on the field during years past, has survived.

After all the reformations, on 6 June 2007, UAB “Gelsauga” was incorporated as a subsidiary of AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”.


Our mission is to create value as a reliable, socially responsible, and progress-minded partner in the area of property supervision.

Our vision is to be the fastest-growing property supervision company in Lithuania, one that completely fulfils the expectations of its clients, shareholders, and employees.

Our values are risk management, economic benefit, efficiency, quality, flexibility.



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