Security personnel and self-defence firearms training

If you want to become a security employee or buy a gun for self-defence, UAB Gelsauga Training Centre is always ready to help you.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania for training security personnel and persons intending to buy firearms for self-defence.

Security personnel training program

Security personnel training consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. During the theoretical part of the course the learners are introduced to the whereabouts of the security personnel work, their rights, responsibilities, procedure for using the firearm and special measures, and the fundamentals of professional psychology.

Practical training includes safe handling of firearms, accurate shooting and proper maintenance of firearms.

After successfully passing the examination of the course, the learners acquire:

  • Professional qualification of security personnel;
  • The right to work with a firearm;
  • The right to carry a firearm for self-defence.

Training programme for a firearm for self-defence

During the training course of this program you will get familiar with legislation governing the circulation of arms and ammunition, safe handling of firearms, weapon carrying, maintenance and storage rules as well as legislation governing the legitimacy of the use of firearms.

During practical classes you will be taught to maintain your arms, get familiar with their structure, operation, and will learn to shoot with combat arms.

Individuals who pass the completion examination of the courses will be issued the certificates of the specified, and acquire the right to carry a firearm for self-defence.

Why choose our training centre?

  • Where possible, persons who have successfully passed our examination of security guards, we will offer a job in our company;
  • Practical shooting exercises take place in the company-owned shooting range, in the training site;
  • We advise you how to choose a firearm;
  • We offer discounts for our customers who want to test the acquired arms.
  • We offer individual training.

Potential learners can contact us by phone’s: 8 663 56062; 8 686 92524.


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