Security Services

Our mission is to maintain the security of your assets, public order, prevention of plunder, and the high quality of our services. In our business, we use state-of-the-art security technologies built to international standards, such as video surveillance cameras installed at assets that we oversee and a single video surveillance centre for all assets.

We guarantee that your property will be guarded with a high degree of reliability at all times. Our employees provide 24/7 security for assets connected to our central surveillance dashboard. In addition to guarding property at an asset, we also maintain public order, register and respond to incidents of breaking and entering, and fire.

Our biggest strength is our fine-tuned team of highly qualified professionals. The company operates management and risk containment systems that allow us to raise the bar of our quality to the top. We offer our security services across the territory of the country. To guarantee the security of your assets, we employ specially trained K-9 units.

We have immense experience of guarding high value targets.

Our security service operations are insured with a third-party liability cover, which means that any losses incurred by our clients will be legally reimbursed.

The key security services offered by our company are as follows:

  • physical security of persons and property
  • security of non-residential facilities and territories
  • security of parking lots
  • electronic security of assets
  • ongoing monitoring of assets with video surveillance cameras
  • escort and security services for hazardous and other types of cargo by rail and road
  • public order maintenance services
  • consultations on personal and property security matters
  • temporary custody of firearms



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