Training of using primary fire fighting measures

We organise the training of how to use the primary fire fighting measures. Our trainings are distinguished in that our company specialists present knowledge and information to our learners and are confident in answering their questions. Employees are introduced in detail to the legislation in Lithuania, with physical and chemical processes occurring during fire, and the measures to be taken upon noticing accidents; obligations of employees in the event of fire. Practical training takes place outdoors. In order to ensure the best training effectiveness we offer each learner an extinguisher to train in using it.

Objective of the course – to teach the correct use of primary fire-fighting equipment and provide theoretical knowledge.

Tasks of the training programme:

  1. To teach learners about primary fire extinguishing equipment types, their operating principles;
  2. To teach learners about the safe fire fighting using primary fire-fighting equipment;
  3. To teach learners about to use the primary fire-fighting equipment correctly;
  4. To teach to safely extinguish the fire source with a fire extinguisher.

Training duration: 5 academic hours.

At the end of the training courses the knowledge is evaluated in the form of a qualifying examination.

The knowledge of learners is tested in writing.

After positive assessment of knowledge, the learners they should a certificate of the course

(Form P 02).

In case of negative assessment, re-examination is allowed no later than in two weeks.


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